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Why Us?

A Glimpse At Our Clientele...

Over the years we have worked for some of our finest hotels and with some outstanding DMC’S and Tour Operators.

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Custom Ireland

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with Mark and Dalriada Kingdom Tours for both our MICE programs and with our Luxury FITS.

The experience for our clients would not be the same without him. He really elevates these trips to a personal level and we appreciate his sincerity and thoughtfulness. A day in Northern Ireland with Mark is 100% authentic and special for our clients because Mark (and his team) are themselves so special and genuine.

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Brack Tours

At Brack Tours we know  the importance of selecting local guides across Ireland for our clients. We truly found a “local gem” in Mark Rodgers. Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of Mark guiding our valued clients along the Antrim Coast & Giants Causeway. With his family ties and expert knowledge of the area added to his charismatic and engaging personality Mark simply reels us in to his storytelling and that sets him way above the rest.

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Shamrock & Peach

Over these past few year's I have enjoyed having Mark Rodgers guide my USA groups around the North Coast of Ireland.

Mark is engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable and visitors feel a deep connection to the Irish culture through his story telling.  Mark and I first met in Atlanta Georgia USA as guests of Tourism Ireland and we became fast friends and I hope to continue working with him for many years to come"


Mark Rodgers Travel Concierge Service (B2B)

Our longevity on the Causeway Coast gives as an unparalleled knowledge of the area. Our focus on collaboration means we work tirelessly  as we have a hunger to enhance our product for the benefit of our guests. We excel in providing a range of high quality experiences B2B. They are exclusive, hard to obtain or totally unique and add those elements that make emotional connections on the journey, the kind our clients and customers crave .

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Exclusive Tour Options 

These are unique, private and personal experiences ideally suited for couples or small groups. They offer quick entry with no queues, privileged information, access to areas that are normally off limits and we include souvenirs of your visit. Enjoy all of this in the company of your own specialist local guide.

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Dander With Dalriada

The Giants Causeway creates my identity, it gives me a pride of place and a sense of self worth and a place to proudly call my home .

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Beyond The Bridge

Beyond the Bridge affords you access to a piece of living history, “the fishery” is a place to find peace, time spent here is good for the soul.
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1608 Bushmills Distillery

1608 Bushmills Distillery provides a unique insight into worlds oldest distillery and the chance to taste Ireland’s best Whiskey 

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