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Dalriada Kingdom Tours

This is a family run business with a history of guiding on the Giants Causeway that dates back more than 125 years. Our history and heritage affords us an insight into this iconic site that is totally unique and we bring the 'Giants Causeway" back to life with pride and passion.

" I am a tour guide and a storyteller, I love my country and it's  people and I am delighted to share it with you.' 

Mark Rodgers


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Showcasing The Causeway Coast

'I am very proud to say that this is my home, I have been exploring this shoreline for nearly 30 years and I love it, and the people of it very dearly.'

Mark Rodgers


A Family Run Business

This company was founded by Mark Rodgers and Rosemary his wife with the support of Rosemary's father the late William John Purdy. 

William John's father Alex Purdy was a guide on the Giant's Causeway. William John taught me.  He was my guide, he was my friend and I loved him very much. I miss him terribly but I can feel his presence on the Giants Causeway when I guide there.

This company is dedicated to his memory and to the memory of folk like him, real Causeway people ...."the people of the shore".

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Explore The Causeway Coast

Dalriada Kingdom Tours exists to bring new life to a heritage lost and a people long forgotten, the “people of the shore”. We invite you to tour with us and experience something you will never forget.


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