1608 Bushmills Distillery

1608 Bushmills Distillery tour provides a unique insight into the worlds oldest distillery and the chance to taste Ireland’s best Whiskey

Sitting proudly in the small rural village of Bushmills this Distillery has a family feel to it which in today's modern world is very unique.

The history of this place and it's people are inextricably linked, generations of local families have worked here and their pride in their ancestry and their history of making Whiskey is tangible when you visit here. Mark Rodgers was recently appointed as "A preferred Partner" for Bushmills Distillery and he will be delighted to accompany you with the “Distillery Ambassadors” as they guide your journey of discovery into the wonderful world of making Irish Whiskey.

The story unfolds from source to glass, it’s the most informative tour of any Distillery in Ireland. Centuries in the making take time to savour the range of products that is Bushmills since 1608 

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Key Points :  

  • Departure time : 15 mins prior to tour
  • Price includes onsite parking and entrance into the Distillery. 
  • Guided tour of the Distillery. 
  • A full Whiskey sampling.
  • A bottle of 12 year old single malt.
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