Mark Rodgers Giants Causeway Tour

The Giant's Causeway creates my identity. It gives me a pride of place and a sense of worth, a place I proudly call my home. 

This is the most complete guided walking tour experience available on this iconic site. It is a very personal account by a guide who is internationally recognised as being the “Causeway Guide “ Mark Rodgers wears his heart on his sleeve when he tours and nowhere more so than on his beloved Giants Causeway .
This is his introduction to your tour ...

The Giants Causeway is my home, I am emotionally connected to it, it is the one special place in Ireland where I find peace and feel the presence of my ancestors all around me. I can get lost here with my thoughts and I am never alone. 

I love everything about the Causeway from the huge visual impact it has on you to the way it heightens all your senses. You can feel the cool breeze of the Atlantic, hear the call of the birds and even taste the salt on your lips.

It has this gift of making you realise that in the grand scheme of things you are part of something much greater than we can fully understand.

Most of all I love people from the Giants Causeway. I am one of them. Our families have lived across this shoreline for centuries and out of necessity in days gone by we have created the Tourism industry here on this magical site.

We built Tramways, Hotels, Tearooms, Ice Cream Parlours, Souvenir Shops, we held markets and fairs and were tour guiding long before people recognised it as a profession.

The Giants Causeway’s reputation was created by us and the standards for hospitality and customer service were set by our ancestors.

Time and outside influences beyond our control meant that we had to give way to modernisation and conservation and as a result the Causeway lost its soul, the special feeling was gone. The very people who had been the heartbeat of the Causeway had left. 

This special community still enjoyed a pride of place and a sense of self-worth, even when age had weakened them physically, they still shared this love for their home and a desire that they should not be forgotten.

With their support we created this tour “Dander with Dalriada”. This tour pays homage to their way of life and provides a step back in time to a period full of entrepreneurship and great characters. Time is not an issue stay as long as it takes, when you leave you will never be a stranger here again, you will feel like you belong here with us, as if you have come home. 

The Causeway is our canvas, painting pictures with stories is our gift. We will support the outstanding conservation work of the National Trust.

This tour is about our history and our heritage it pays homage to our ancestors and continues the legacy of some very special men, William John Purdy his father Alex Purdy and their families, neighbours and friends.

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Key Points :  

  • Departure time : 15 mins prior to tour
  • This is an extensive tour of the Causeway site. 
  • £115.00 per person
  • Price includes onsite parking and entrance into National Trust Visitors Centre.  
  • Tea / Coffee and scones in Causeway Hotel afterwards. 
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