Mark Rodgers Carrick-a-Rede Tour

Beyond the Bridge affords you access to a piece of living history, “the fishery” is a place to find peace, time spent here is good for the soul.

We are very proud to say that this tour was created by us for inclusion in Northern Ireland’s new tourism industry brand “Embrace a Giant Spirit” and we are delighted to continue our collaboration with the National Trust to add value to this product and enhance the experience for our guests .

In creating this tour, we wanted to continue with our ethos of breathing new life into the history of the families that lived nearby and worked here for generations. We wanted to pay homage to their way of life and create an,” Exclusive Tour Experience” 

The research for this tour was enthralling and revealed a much more complex and diverse history than we had ever known, putting this information together in sequence to present an amazing story was a great challenge for us and I could not be happier with the result we have achieved. 

First built in 1755 that is 21 years before the USA was created on the 4th of July in 1776. Just take a moment to consider that fact

Truthfully, I believe that experiences don’t get more authentic, or more memorable than this. Walk with your specialist guide across the beautiful cliff path, listening to wonderful stories that add substance to the breath-taking views. Then enjoy the adrenalin rush of crossing the rope bridge, suspended 100ft above sea level stretching 67 feet across the gap to connect the mainland to the island. 

Today this site attracts visitors from around the world. It wasn’t always like this. From the mid-1700s until the early 21st century, it was a pathway to a salmon fishing industry that sustained generations of local families. This provided an income that sustained a humble existence, yet the love for this way of life far exceeded any financial reward. “Fishing was in your blood”, explains Achie Colgan a true legend of Carrick a Rede and the source for so much of this tour. 

This tour is all about experiencing something truly personal and exceptional, to add mystique, we have decided to restrict the tour numbers and offer only a handful of opportunities annually for our special clientele and their guests to step “beyond this bridge” into a bygone era. 

“This is one of the most Exclusive Tours in Ireland”. 

Imagine what it feels like to go back in time, to the tiny island of Carrick-a-Rede, where nothing in the “cottage” has changed since the last fishermen left here decades ago. There is no electricity, water, gas or heating. The only leeway’s to comfort is wooden benches and an open fire where turf burns to provide heat and an unforgettable aroma. Look in awe at the rugged cliffs of the North Antrim shoreline, the sight and sounds of the ocean below. The tangible evidence of a bygone industry still visible, this small island is totally unique. 

Imagine, a sunrise and the dawn of a new day, the serenity of the moment is sublime, the impact is just incredible, this is the Ireland you have travelled to enjoy!

With “Beyond the Bridge” and “Embrace a Giant Spirit” we have an experience that can compete with anything you would find anywhere in the world. 

To quote the guide who created this experience  “People are living life at a 100 miles per hour, just to sit here in the silence and listen to what that sounds like, to take in the beauty of this place, there is nowhere like it, it is good for the soul”

Mark Rodgers (Dalriada Kingdom Tours)


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Key Points :  

  • Departure time : 15 mins prior to tour
  • £115.00 per person
  • Price includes onsite parking 
  • Price includes crossing of the rope bridge 
  • Price includes the unique experience of visiting the old fishermans bothy. 
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