'Beyond the Bridge' an immersive experience designed to fire up your imagination to make you think, how will this experience change me?

The stunning landscape surround the bridge and the thrill you feel from crossing have never been in question, it is the mystery as to why the bridge is here and what is waiting to be explored at the other side, these are the questions we want you to consider as you head 'Beyond the Bridge'.

Every once in a while life offers you the chance to do something exceptional, something that feels like a privelge and provides an insight into a history almost forgotten. This experience has been carefully designed and perfectly delivered by Mark Rodgers our very own storyteller and guide.

You can feel how much this country and these people mean to Mark when you are in his company, by firing up your imagination, Mark will connect you to the fishermen that made their living on the island and invite you to experience what life was like in those harsh conditions. There’s opportunities to connect to the environment, to focus on your surroundings and challenge yourself on your core beliefs and responsibilities to yourself, your fellow man and the earth that is our home. 

You're going 'Beyond the Bridge' on so many levels that it can change your outlook on life this experience is good for the soul. Add moments of sublime serenity, a laugh or two and a deeper understanding of this area and it's people and you will understand why this will never be commercialised.A rare opportunity for the esteemed traveller to discover how Ireland and it’s people can make you feel compared to any other nation and nationality you have encountered before. 

'Beyond the Bridge' is guiding in its purest form when the storyteller helps to transport you to another place in time and feel something you never felt before. Creating this tour and delivering it with the National Trust has been a privilege and sharing it with our guests on behalf of the people of the shore is an honour! 

I simply hope you enjoy it! 

Mark Rodgers 


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