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Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

Hello all! I hope everyone is keeping well! Do you enjoy reading this blog?.... Well I hope you do... because I'm the one writing them!

Hi I'm Sheldon, Dalriada Kingdom Tours blog writer, along side a few other things. ok so a quick introduction to me... Im 22 years olds, originally from Larne but moved to the North Coast 4 years ago to study International Travel and Tourism Management at Ulster University, from which I have just graduated with First Class Honours. I am now completing a Masters Degree in International Event Management. I have a cockapoo called Nellie and currently work in the Causeway Hotel in Bushmills.

I first met Mark properly during my final year at Uni, I had only known of him from working at the Hotel, (You know, that man that takes people tours of the Giants Causeway!). Little did I know his business was far more complex than "Just touring the Causeway". For an assignment we were assigned Dalriada Kingdom Torus as our Business to come up with strategies for social media marketing and website design to then pitch to a panel of "Dragons" at the end of the 12 weeks!

Mark was overjoyed by with the Digital strategies that we as a team pitched! Shortly after this, Mark had contacted me to help him create some digital files to showcase his tours and send them to clients as part of his Travel Concierge Service. I Have since created a number of PDF's, updated sections of his website and started this blog (Which I know you all love to read!).

By working with Dalriada Kingdom Tours I hope to share my knowledge of tourism and the modern world to encourage the success of Dalriada Kingdom Tours. As a student I am still learning the ins and outs when it comes to the website and social media marketing strategies. its a lot of trial and error! However, I learnt a lot durning my 4 years at Uni and hope to put the theory into action, and in turn become a valued member of DKT's... At least if I make any mistakes Mark won't shout at me! LOL

I aim to create interesting blogs and content and hopefully soon take over the social media pages to keep all of you lovely people up to date with all thing Dalriada Kingdom Tours! Mark has a fantastic business, one like no other, the quality of the service provided is 10/10 and guess what? NO ONE does it better than him. I absolutely love working for DKT's and can't thank Mark enough for the opportunity!


Well that's all from me! I hope you've enjoyed a little insight into myself and what I do for DKT.

Stay safe, Sheldon

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