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Cliff Path Tour


The earliest recorded guided walking tour on this pathway was conducted in the year 1840. The Guide on that occasion was Alex McMullan and his guest was an American gentleman for whom he penned a poem about the experience. That poem was published in a small hardback book and today, to my knowledge, there are only two copies that exist . One is held in the United States of America in Washington D.C. in the Library of Congress and the other is held right here on the shore by the McMullan family. The McMullan family history on the Giants Causeway is legendary.

I am truly honoured to say that the McMullan family has given me a reproduction copy of the book and I am very privileged to call Jean McMullan and her son Dave my friends. 

I have walked this pathway on countless occasions with friends old and new, exploring and developing a guided walk that would honour the memory of Alex McMullan and all the local guides who have walked it with their guests. 

All the while I was supported and moulded by my guide, William John Purdy to become what I am today, an "auld world" Causeway Guide.

There are four and a half miles to walk between Dunseverick Castle ruins and the iconic Giants Causeway, in Co. Antrim. Along the way the scenery is simply beyond compare, and it truly is breathtakingly beautiful.

The Purdys have been here since 1588 and our working life on the Giants Causeway began nearly 130 years ago. We have a genuine history to call upon as a reference in creating this tour. 

When you combine all of these facts and you place yourself in the company of a guide you can trust, and who will bring this place to life, then you instinctively know this is the tour to take to enjoy this outstanding Cliff path walk. Any other tour simply lacks our pride, passion and unique insight. This is an experience you will remember all your life. 


1) This tour is suitable for couples as a private tour.
2) This tour is suitable for groups from 4 to 12 people.
3) A moderate degree of fitness is required   
4) Proper outdoor clothing and hiking boots or shoes are recommended.


1) This tour can take up to 4 hours 
2) This tour has to be booked in advance .
3) Tour operators should contact us directly to arrange schedules etc

1) Private tours for a couple are £50.00 per person 
2) Group rates up to 12 people are feasible and rates are negotiable, depending on the size of your group

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