COVID-19 Measures & Guidelines

I would like to give your a personal assurance that we have successfully completed our industry competency accreditation, “Good to go”. As a company we have undertaken an extensive review of our procedures and created our “best practise guidelines”Our tour guides are all fully briefed on these new procedures to enhance your safety.

- Mark Rodgers


The health and safety of our tour guides and our guests is of vital importance to us. Subsequently we have attained the ‘Good to Go’ industry quality acreditation and have implemented the following steps to ensure that your tour is as safe as possible:

Social Distancing – Tour Guides will maintain social distancing from guests during the tour in accordance with government guidelines. Currently the recommendation is 2 metres, like everything else this could change very quickly and we will be able to adapt to any changes. We ask that you also maintain the appropriate social distance in your group and the other guests on the tour.

Capacity Limitations – Tours are operating within strict guidelines and that means we will have a limited capacity as per government guidelines (currently a maximum of 10 guests per tour).

PPE/SANITISATION - Guided Tours are mostly conducted outdoors and that negates the need to wear a mask as a compulsory measure. However on occasions a Tour my start inside a building and on those occasions we would ask you to wear a mask. Our guides have been given approved face shields to wear inside buildings and they have the choice to wear them for the duration of the tour. Guides will also carry hand sanitiser which will be available to guests at all times.

Staff Health – Our guides will declare every day that they are fit and well and are not experiencing any illnesses or displaying any systems of Covid 19 .

Guest Guidelines – Should you or any member of your group feel unwell please postpone your visit. We will record your details for track and trace purposes and these will be stored in accordance with government guidelines. In an outdoor environment masks are not considered essential, as previously stated indoors they are considered essential. We appreciate our guests may want to wear their own masks for the duration of the tour, for the comfort and safety of our guides and other guests and we do not have an issue with that. If you need to cough or sneeze during a tour please do so into a tissue or your elbow.

Payments – We ask that you pay for your tour at the point of sale or from our Website.

Cancellations and Refunds – we have our policies included in our booking pages and they clearly inform our customers of their rights. 

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COMMENT - We will do everything we can to make your tour a safe and fantastic experience. If you have any questions regarding any of the above information please do not hesitate to contact us.

We're good to go