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Dunluce Castle Tour



MARK RODGERS is "the official tour guide" for the MacDonnell's of Antrim. This family dominates the history of Dunluce Castle, and from the late 16th Century comes the story of this warrior Clan who came to the Glens of Antrim through marriage. The story unfolds via bloody battlefields, burial sites and castles. The history includes political intrigue, marriages, betrayals and alliances that were broken as easily as they were made. The MacDonnells have survived through the centuries and they are still here as the 9th Lord Antrim and the 14th Chieftain of the Antrim family, Alexander Randall Mark MacDonnell sits proudly on the governing body that controls the Clan throughout the world . He still frequents the family home in Glenarm, where his son Randall Lord Dunluce resides with his family. 

Dunluce castle’s history dates back to between the 4th and 8th centuries and it has unfolded through the ages to create one of the most fantastic stories. It is recorded in the “ANNALS OF THE 4 MASTERS” and, from its humble origins as a fort to its transformation to a magnificent family residence, the famous promontory has captivated the imagination of storytellers, artists and photographers to our great delight. 

The families who have lived here are amongst the most famous in Ireland’s clan history. The McQUILLANS and the MacDONNELLS stories simply shape and form this part of Ulster and create County Antrim the way we know it today. 

More importantly the story of the Ulster/Scot and the Scots/Irish can be traced back to the early 17th century when the MacDonnell's brought lowland Scots to Ulster to populate areas under their control. 

MARK RODGERS recently travelled to Atlanta Georgia in the USA (October 2017) with a Tourism Ireland delegation to attend the Stone Mountain Highland Games. What he found there was an audience keen to travel and explore Dunluce and the MacDonnell clan history, and there is not a better-equipped guide than MARK to tell their story. 

DUNLUCE CASTLE is a must-do attraction when you are in this part of our island and, the best way to leave feeling that your visit has been a truly unique experience, is to have toured it with MARK RODGERS.


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