Embrace A Giant Spirit

Northern Ireland is a land built by a giant spirit. Let us awaken yours.

Mark Rodgers was very proud to be one of the integral team of people involved with "Northern Ireland Embrace a Giant Spirit", from it’s early discussions around a table in Belfast, through a formalisation of the concept, to it’s launch at the World Travel Market in London, November 2019.

Mark feels very honoured to be one of the dedicated team of demonstrators chosen to deliver the brand and Mark has the proven experience to know how to deliver a product of this stature. Most importantly he can be trusted to protect the integrity of the brand that is " Embrace a Giant Spirit"

Tourism Northern Ireland’s exciting new brand fits perfectly into the overall Tourism Ireland framework used to promote the island on a Global stage.

The brand is based on Experiences designed to share the Giant spirit of Northern Ireland and awaken the Giant Spirit in our visitors.

These experiences are original and bighearted, embodying land, water and sea. Telling our legends, mythology and folklore stories. They make a pledge to our visitors, a promise that what they will experience is distinctively Northern Irish.

Mark Rodgers is the recognised specialist tour guide and storyteller (Seanachaí) on the famous Causeway Coastal Route and spending time in his company is an experience in it's own right. He guides and tells stories with a pride and a passion that simply connects you to the journey. His skills and stories have been refined and passed down through his family for generations . Mark believes that what he does pays homage to the generations of men from the area that guided here before him and it continues the legacy of his late father in law William John Purdy the man who taught Mark to guide, his friend whom Mark loves and misses very much.

"Beyond the Bridge" is Mark's contribution to the brand and it is the most complete guided walking tour experience in Ireland today. Located on the famous Carrick a Rede site in County Antrim the experience includes a guided walk with Mark across the cliff path with views to Rathlin Island and the Scottish Hebrides beyond. The high rocky cliffs and green pastures add a backdrop on your journey. The experience of crossing the gap of 67 feet on the ropebridge is exhilarating. The sea is almost 100 feet below you, the wind in your hair, the salt on your lips and the call of the birds heighten all your senses and add to the adventure.

Only when you cross to the island will you have the the unique opportunity to travel " Beyond the Bridge" and become one of a very limited number of people who annually get to explore the little cottage on the island we call "the fishery”.

The raw beauty of this small island, the bay below and the adjacent cliffs create something truly special. The ambience and the serenity touch your soul and create an overwhelming sense of belonging as if you have come home.This is the Ireland you have travelled to explore.

The experience can only be enhanced when you hear the stories of the people who fished here told by someone who genuinely loves his country and it’s people. The impact is truly exceptional, Mark will awaken your Giant Spirit.

Mark Rodgers will tell you that he believes Northern Ireland "Embrace a Giant Spirit" and “Beyond the Bridge” is a world class travel experience, he feels privileged to invite you to enjoy.

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