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Giant's Causeway Tour



The Giants Causeway Guided Walking Tour that we provide is simply the most authentic tour of this remarkable site. The PURDYs have lived along this shoreline for centuries and worked on the Giants Causeway for over 125 years. It is our knowledge of this iconic destination that enables us to deliver a truly unique tour. We are a Causeway family, and with the love and support of the other Causeway families, our friends and our neighbours we have revived this "auld world" Causeway tradition of showcasing our home to a whole new audience. We are proud to say that we are the “people’s tour company”. 

When you walk with us we will show you landscapes that are more beautiful than those that you could have imagined. Here there are vistas that truly create the 8th Wonder of the World. The Giants Causeway has an impact that heightens all of your senses and makes you feel alive.  

You will enjoy our company as you listen to our guides tell their stories with a pride and passion that only we possess. It is a personal account of the social, economic and cultural history of the people of the shore, real Giants Causeway folk. We can give you an insight into the geology of the site and explain, in simple terms, how this magnificent place was created. We can identify the birdlife, the wildlife and the marine life of the Causeway, and the flora and fauna of the site will be explained as we tour. When you walk with us you will feel just how much we belong here, and we want you to feel that way too. 

The Giants Causeway is steeped in mythology, folklore and legend. We are its storytellers and we will weave those elements of Irish Celtic Culture into the tales passed down through our families.

Our principal guide, MARK RODGERS, is an old school, traditional "Causeway guide" and an Irish storyteller, a SEANACHAI. His love for the Causeway and the people of it is there for all to see. MARK wears his heart on his sleeve and he guides with a pride and a passion you have to experience to believe,he creates an experience that you will tell and retell to your family and your friends. MARK is the CAUSEWAY GUIDE and he is the Guide that our Tourist Boards, our leading hotel companies and our leading tour operators and Destination Management Companies turn to when they want to showcase this iconic site to their guests.

He has assembled a truly gifted and unique team of the best local guides to work alongside him and deliver this experience to a whole new audience 

We invite you to become part of something truly special as you tour with us at a pace you will enjoy. This is "THEE GIANTS CAUSEWAY WALKING TOUR, and the only tour worth taking.

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