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Dander With Dalriada 


This is the real Giants Causeway tour delivered by a real old world Causeway guide.

Tour guiding is a Causeway tradition that dates back through our families to the early 1750’s.

Alex Purdy was our families original guide and history records him to be the very first man on the Giants Causeway to use a pony and trap to bring folk down to see the stones.

His son William John Purdy was my late father in law, he was my guide, my friend and I love and miss him very much.

Together William John and I with the help of other old guides created a tour that pays homage to this tradition, these people and their way of life.

Sadly they are all gone now and I am the last of their kind so to represent them and breathe new life into their history and heritage is amongst the greatest honours of my life

The Giants Causeway is my home, I love it and it’s people very dearly and my desire to keep alive this family tradition drove me to create this unique blend of old world skills and modern day techniques and deliver a tour our families would be proud of

The tour pays homage to a way of life that for too long has been a secret to the world. It identifies the people of the Causeway, tells you stories about their lives and how even before the Victorian era they created the benchmark for us all to follow in creating memories that last .

This tour is their heritage and it is the legacy of a very special man, William John Purdy.

I want to capture the spirit of the Causeway and share it with my guests so they can leave with a story of their own to tell.

For years to come they will remember these people who were Giants amongst men on their ancestral home.

1) Park at The Causeway Hotel where I will greet you with a very warm welcome and an invitation to tour the Giants Causeway

2) A Guided tour on the iconic Giants Causeway site with even a “nip of Bushmills Whiskey” to honour tradition, it would be rude not to.

3) A return to the Hotel to experience some genuine Irish hospitality a cup of tea /coffee and a scone in our Victorian era Hotel. Relax unwind and chat.

4) Entry to the National Trust Visitors centre where you can shop tax free, browse the exhibits and explore

5) Price is £75.00 per person


There is no time limit to this tour however we do recommend approx that you allow 90 minutes, you will get to explore parts of the site no other guests do. You will become a member of a very select group of guests who get the opportunity to experience something truly special.

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