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Luxurious Experiences 


These Luxurious Experiences are created in Ireland in the old province of Ulster, today that means we tour in Northern Ireland and Donegal. They are all truly unique, and beautifully crafted to highlight everything good about my home.

We enjoy a position of real strength in the Luxury Marketplace. We have access to people and places that other companies do not have and we work with families who trust us not to invade their privacy or abuse our friendships. Should you want to visit the ancestral homes of our " landed gentry" to hunt or fish with your own gillies or gamekeepers, we can arrange that. Maybe you would simply prefer to visit an estate and enjoy a meal and an overnight stay in these majestic places then we can arrange that.

Perhaps you would rather visit Ireland's ancient castles or forts or it's wonders of the world in the company of a local expert tour guide. Maybe you would prefer to walk our cliff paths or view the shore from the ocean, then we can create itineraries to suit your needs.

We know that right here there is an eclectic mix of cultures for our guests to enjoy. This is the home of the Celts and Gaels and the Ulster Scot and here is where we can can immerse our guests in an "Artisan Experience" or simply present the opportunity for them to enjoy the "ceol agus craic" ( music and fun ) in the playground pubs of our local people.

We can cater for individuals, small parties or large groups, we regularly work with Tour Operators and Destination Management Companies to help produce itineraries suitable for MICE and FIT guests and then we deliver these outstanding experiences.

We maximise the physical, emotional and visual elements of each tour to produce a real WOW factor for our guests.


We add real value to the tours we create and deliver for our key working partnerships.

MARK RODGERS is our principal guide and he is the third generation of this family to guide locally. There are 125 years of stories passed down to Mark through our family and his knowledge of the area is simply unrivalled it is genuinely outstanding. Mark is a “Seanachai” an Irish storyteller and an award winning tour guide.

He possesses a deep love for his country and it’s people and he guides with a pride and a passion that you have to experience to believe. The choices are yours, the experiences are unique and the memories will last a lifetime, we simply make them happen.

“ Ireland is a gift to the world, I truly believe that , it embraces you and it provides that overwhelming feeling that you belong here, that you have come home”.  

Mark Rodgers


1) This tour can be conducted privately for a couple 

2) This tour can be conducted for small groups between 2 and 30 people.

3) This company can deliver more than one tour simultaneously to accommodate our guests .

4) This tour is ideal for tour operators and DMC.


Please make your enquiries via our contact pro forma on this Website to organise your itinerary and to obtain our keenest price for your tour. OR E mail us at 

[email protected]


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