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Bespoke Tour


These Tours of the Giants Causeway Coastal Route stretch from Belfast to Derry or Donegal. They are all individually crafted to suit the needs of our guests. We specialise in creating tours that are truly unique, simply because we come from a position of strength in the marketplace. We have access to people and places that other companies do not have and we can deliver exclusive experiences that other companies cannot. 

Our homeland creates a journey of discovery for our guests. This iconic shoreline is the place to explore for the culturally curious visitor, we celebrate our culture here, and it is central to our identity, we keep it alive in our language, our literature, our music, our art and in our sports. There is an array of talented people here for you to meet who are true artisans, a wonderful ecliptic mix of the most decent talented folk. 

The logistics are simple; we work with our finest Hotels and we use the very best of everything available to exceed your expectations, from transport, to fabulous restaurants, or unique shopping opportunities to immersive interactive experiences we know the right people to deliver these services to the highest standards. 

We will assist you in planning your itinerary, providing options that are either exclusive to us or that we deliver in such a unique way that they become an exclusive experience. We take time with you to help you make your selection. We want to provide you with the day that you have always dreamed of, and then we deliver it. 

MARK RODGERS is our principal guide and he is the recognised expert in this area. MARK is the third generation of his family to guide locally and his knowledge of the area and it’s people is something that sets him apart. 

He is a “Seanachai” an Irish storyteller and an “old world guide”. He is the Guide that our Tourist Boards, North and South, use to conduct tours for their esteemed guests. 

MARK was recently appointed by the MacDonnell family ( Lord Antrim and Viscount Dunluce) to guide for their family to reveal their amazing history to the world. This is a huge honour for our company and we feel both privileged and proud to have been invited to perform this role.

MARK is always in demand and as the saying goes , “ if you want something done properly, then ask a busy man”. 

When your touring with MARK the ethos of the day is " to create an experience that you will remember". MARK Guides with real pride and passion and wears his heart on his sleeve.  Your journey will connect you to this magical place and it’s people, so that when you go home you will have a story of your own to tell, and you will never be a stranger here again.



1) This your can be conducted privately for a couple 

2) This tour can be conducted for small groups between 4 and 12 people.

3) This company can deliver more than one tour simultaneously to accommodate our guests .

4) This tour is ideal for a DMC and incentive award travellers.   


Please make your enquiries via our contact pro forma on this Website to organise your itinerary and to obtain our keenest price for your tour.


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